Agricultural Law

How to Get the Right Agriculture Law Advice

Agriculture law involves matters that require an understanding of the farmer’s way of life. In addition, the modern farming business has become huge in terms of capital investment. A layperson, seeing a farmer driving a combine harvester, will probably have no idea that he or she is watching a piece of machinery equivalent in value to a good piece of real estate.

Bob Kalenda was raised on a farm in Isanti County and still owns the agricultural land he grew up on. He understands the value of a combine harvester and has extensive experience in the field of agricultural law. His law firm, Kalenda Law Office is based in St Cloud, MN, and caters for clients throughout the state of Minnesota. Bob can be contacted for a consultation at (320) 255-8840.

Who else but an agriculturalist would want to know the legal intricacies involved with agriculture, or Ag law? If you are a farmer, whose life depends upon millions of dollars-worth of land and assets, this article will show you why you should only trust legal matters in the hands of a farming attorney, with the specialist knowledge of the issues you face.

What do Farm Attorneys Know That Other Attorneys Don’t?

Many business attorneys will agree to take on a farmer’s legal concerns, so what makes it so important to seek out a farming attorney?

Well, for one thing, a farm attorney will have an agricultural background, or will have taken time to understand and empathize with your way of life. He or she will speak your language, so the time you pay for won’t be taken up with explanations of the business terms you use. Similarly, your attorney’s fees won’t be hiked up with research hours. Your farm attorney will be experienced and knowledgeable about the unique aspects of farm law.

At the Mercy of Nature, Farmer Bankruptcy

The empathy and knowledge of your farming attorney will be particularly important in the event that you fall on hard times. The farming industry, more than many others, is subject to environmental and natural elements, outside of the farmers’ control. If things do get tough and you need to seek legal counsel, in the worst case to discuss farm bankruptcy, a farming attorney or even a specialist farm bankruptcy attorney, will be able to identify with what you are going through. This takes some of the sting from what will be a painful emotional experience.

Other Areas of Ag Law

In this article, much has been made of the uniqueness presented by farming law, that’s because it’s true. For example, many professional truck drivers (and probably some attorneys too) across the U.S.A. would be shocked to know that farmers are legally entitled to drive large goods vehicles on a standard automobile license.

Let’s conclude then, with a few other specialist areas of law, with which a skilled farm attorney can help:

  • Purchase and disposal of agricultural land
  • Farm succession planning
  • Farm labor law

From one Farmer to Another

Bob Kalenda has experience of all the factors critical to agriculture, from cash flow projections, to crop yield and dairy production. His understanding of farming positions Kalenda Law Office as providers of competent agricultural law advice. Bob is here to share his experience and provide the specialized legal help you need. An initial, no obligation consultation with Bob is free. He’s waiting for your call at (320) 255-8840.